Battle Spirits Saga: Expansion Set 01 – Elemental Spark

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New cards to expand Set 01 along with booster packs to be sold as a bundle!
1 Expansion Set = 3 Booster Packs and 9 Exclusive Promo Cards (9 types)
This expansion set is themed around Elementals of four colors.

❶ A flexible spirit each for red, purple, white, and yellow! (4 types, total of 4 cards)
This is the first inclusion of spirits, 1 card per color, that can be summoned for 0 cost, and players will definitely want to get their hands on them! These cards can be used in the opening turns for their reduction symbols and have effects to draw cards. Players will want to get these cards no matter what kind of deck they play.

❷ A low-cost magic card each for red, purple, white, and yellow! (4 types, total of 4 cards)
Super useful magic cards that can strengthen one of your spirits on the field and even draw cards, all for a low cost!

❸ A spirit with a symbol you can use for six colors! (1 type, total of 1 card)
The highlight of the 9 promo cards is a powerful dragon spirit, a protector of jewels!
Its symbol can be used as any of the six colors, so you can keep using it even after the new colors are added in future sets.

♦ ×1 Pack=×12 cards
♦ ×1 Set = ×3 Packs and ×9 Promo cards
♦ ×1 Display = ×8 Sets
♦ ×1 Case = ×6 Displays

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