Cardfight Vanguard: Special Series 03: Stride Deckset -Chronojet-

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[VGE-D-SS03] Special Series 03 Stride Deckset -Chronojet-

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Featured Nation: Dark States

From “Cardfight!! Vanguard G“, “Stride” comes to the Standard Format!

Chronojet Dragon“, the main unit from “Cardfight!! Vanguard G” will be featured in this product together with other “Gear Chronicle” units!

In addition to the pre-constructed deck, useful goods for cardfighting are also included!

Product Specifications

1 Deckset contains:
• 1 Pre-constructed Deck (51 Cards + 9 Cards)
• 1 Short Storage Box
• 15 Acrylic Fighter’s Coins
• 1 Fighter’s Coin Custom Sticker Sheet (30 Stickers)

Card Types:
♦ 19 Types (14 New cards + 5 Reissue cards) + Parallels

*The contents of the parallel cards are fixed.

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