Dragon Ball Super: Zenkai Series 06 Perfect Combination Premium Pack Set 14 (PREORDER)

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This product is a Presale item with an estimated shipping date of 12/01/2023. Please keep in mind card details, including rarity and card name, may change up until release date as information is updated.

• Common ×60 (normal/holo ver.)
• Uncommon ×30 (normal/holo ver.)
• Rare ×29 (normal/holo ver.)
• Super Rare ×18
• Special Rare ×14
• Secret Rare ×3
• God Rare ×1
• *294 types total

4 booster packs + 2 Exclusive PR cards
※Exclusive PR card : 1 type. Each set contains 2 of the same PR card.

Minor imperfections in shrink wrap and product packaging may occur and do not qualify for a refund/replacement, and Prodigy Games will happily put you in contact with the manufacturer for any concerns related to those issues. 

Any issues related to mispacks, misprints or other manufacturing issues must be resolved by contacting Bandai directly.

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