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Outsiders is a standalone booster set that takes you down into the Pits, a sprawling web of underground caverns and canals, home to all manner of backstabbing and skulduggery.

Haunted by a mysterious past, the crafty Assassin Uzuri leads a band of misfits, including a frightening new version of the king-slaying Assassin Arakni, and the merciless Riptide, a trap-based Ranger.

Fan favourite Ranger Azalea returns to take out the competition, while a pair of wandering Ninjas, Katsu and Benji, embark on a dangerous mission in the underworld.

The first draftable set to feature multiple heroes of the same class, Outsiders is designed for dynamic booster draft, sealed deck, and constructed play, and includes legendary new “hybrid” cards that can be used by multiple classes!

This product includes 24 booster packs containing 16 cards per pack.

Set Configuration:
• 20 Tokens
• 128 Commons
• 51 Rares
• 31 Majestic
• 5 Legendary
• 1 Fabled
• 3 Marvels

Pack Configuration

A booster pack contains 16 cards, being:
• Rainbow Foil – 1 per pack
• Rare or higher – 1-2 per pack
• Common – 11-12 per pack
• Token – 2 per pack
• Cold Foil – 1 per 24 packs

No specific card, rarity, or type is guaranteed to exist within an individual pack, box, or case.

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