Magic the Gathering: Fallout: Scrappy Survivors Commander Deck (PREORDER)

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This product is a Presale item with an estimated shipping date of 3/8/2024. Please keep in mind that card details, including rarity and card name, may change up until release date as information is updated.Product is brand new/factory sealed.  Minor imperfections in shrink wrap and product packaging may occur and does not qualify for a replacement. Battle your fellow wastelanders for survival as the Fallout series joins with Magics most popular multiplayer format. Each deck set includes 1 ready-to-play deck of 100 Magic cards (2 Traditional Foil Legendary cards, 98 nonfoil cards), a Collector Booster Sample Pack (contains 2 Traditional Foil or nonfoil special treatment cards, with 1 Extended-Art card of rarity Rare or higher and 1 alt-art, alt-frame card of rarity Uncommon or higher), 1 foil-etched Display Commander (a thick cardstock copy of the commander card with foil etched into the cards border and art), 10 double-sided tokens, 1 deck box (can hold 100 sleeved cards), 1 Life Wheel, 1 strategy insert, and 1 reference card. Mispacks, misprints or other manufacturing issues must be resolved by contacting Wizards of the Coast directly. *Set name and contents subject to change


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